At CGA, we know strategic campaigns. The majority of our staff started their careers in the field, developing and executing a variety of stakeholder engagement campaigns for global leaders, issue-advocacy groups, and NGOs.  With collective experience that spans nearly every U.S. state and every continent on the globe, we apply the campaign mindset to everything we do.  Whether working for world leaders looking to govern effectively or for Fortune 500 companies aiming to grow their footprint, we focus on “moving the needle” with targeted audiences and developing strategies that expose our clients to the stakeholders most valuable to their operations and goals.  We operate in a domain where metrics – not gut instincts, assumptions, or theories – influence strategy.


  • Campaign design and implementation
  • Business and pipeline development strategies
  • Stakeholder targeting and research
  • Program assessment, development and oversight
  • Market analysis and research
  • Field and grassroots strategies
  • Government and policymaker insights
  • Communications and PR
  • Event planning, marketing and execution
  • Conference strategies