CGA is at the intersection of security, policy, and politics. With a bench of bipartisan senior executives that have cross-cut presidential administrations at the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, Commerce and State – as well as on the Hill, and with dozens of NGOs – CGA’s experience as a trusted voice in "the business of government" is unparalleled. 

We work with government, non-profit organizations, and Fortune 500 companies to provide advisory, project management, strategic communications and stakeholder engagement strategies.  A few of our core areas include:


homeland security


CGA has become a home for national and homeland security leaders following their service in the federal government.  From front office management to heads of operations and components, our advisors have served in top billets at the Departments of Homeland Security and Defense. On the staff level, more than 75 percent of our staff have worked within and across the DHS Enterprise. During their government tenure and after, these team members have served on high-profile task forces, including the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) to tackle some of the nation’s biggest security challenges.

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CGA's footprint is truly global, with experience that spans more than 90 countries.  On matters of security, defense, trade, cyber, intelligence and information sharing, CGA and its team have worked with international government and institutions such as the United Nations, NATO, private companies, and dozens of international NGOs. 

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In addition to our national security qualifications, CGA brings a particular understanding of the issues that underpin the security of cyberspace.  Our team has been steeped in the industry best practices, legislative policies, industry regulations and political priorities that drive cybersecurity forward. 

CGA’s senior leadership has been working on cybersecurity policy for some of the largest end users for governments, NGOs, and corporations for a combined 100+ years of experience.  Through client work and numerous positions on advisory boards, our team has served as cyber consults for a host of entities from the President of the United States to local governments such as Cook County, Illinois.  



The CGA team are experts in messaging, crisis communications, traditional media outreach, and social media campaigns. We provide these services for government and private sector customers alike.


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Beyond traditional public relations, at CGA, we also believe that internal communications – the ability to break down silos and help stakeholders talk to one another, become educated, or be convinced – can be equally as vital to the success of a campaign. When it comes to landing a contract, elevating your brand with customers, or garnering support from stakeholders, we work to put you in the line-of-sight with those that matter most.