Nicole Tisdale



Nicole Tisdale, Senior ADVISOR

Nicole Tisdale, founder and principal of Advocacy Blueprints, works with individuals and organizations who are eager to accelerate policy issues, increase advocacy efforts, and create changes in their organizations and communities.

Nicole’s passion for making government accessible to all Americans is manifested through her work with Advocacy Blueprints, a company focused on Congressional education, training, and consulting. Advocacy Blueprints provides customized courses, seminars, workshops, and consultations for corporations, associations, government entities, and individual clients to offer the tools and techniques needed to build and improve government affairs and advocacy programs, prepare and deliver congressional testimonies and briefings, and design and develop strategies for navigating effective relationships and policies in Congress.  

Prior to her founding of Advocacy Blueprints, Nicole served on Capitol Hill for a decade. In this role, Nicole developed a strong proficiency in handling congressional investigations of the Executive Branch and the private sector by mastering congressional process and procedure. During her tenure, she assisted in securing passage of 375 bills through the House of Representatives, of which 79 went on to become law. Serving as the former Director of Intelligence and Counterterrorism and the Director of Outreach and Coalitions for members and staff, Nicole also helped to advance the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security’s outreach efforts by fostering strategic partnerships with the private sector to harness support for legislation and oversight for national security efforts. Nicole also represented the U.S. Congress to more than 30 nations, negotiating a range of security, economic, intelligence, and human rights issues with foreign leaders.

Nicole remains actively involved within the community and in the political world, serving as a Board Member of the non-profit, non-partisan Mississippi Society of Washington, DC; a frontrunner for She Should Run, a national, non-partisan organization dedicated to eliminating the barriers to women running for office; and a Board Advisor to the Congressional Black Associates, a bicameral, non-partisan organization that serves as the professional and social network for black employees working on Capitol Hill.

Nicole received both her Juris Doctorate (’09) and Bachelors of Art (’06) from the University of Mississippi. Her book, Right To Petition: A Practical Guide to Creating Change in Government with Political Advocacy Tools and Tips, is a political reference bestseller and has received numerous excellent reviews, as the first of its kind.