PRESS RELEASE: Cybersecurity Experts Meet to Discuss 2016 Election Hacking

February 9, 2017 (Chicago, IL) – Yesterday, Cambridge Global Advisors (CGA) convened a timely discussion on cybersecurity and the U.S. democratic process. The event, hosted by and at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, focused on how cybersecurity and hacking impacted the 2016 election outcome.  The full event is available for viewing online at:

Jake Braun, CEO at CGA, moderated the event and was joined by Cindy Cohn, Executive Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation; Siobhan Gorman, Director, Brunswick Group; Robert K. Knake, Whitney Shepardson Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations; and Sherri Ramsay, Senior Advisor to the CEO, CyberPoint International; Cybersecurity Consultant.  Among various topics, this panel of experts addressed some of the key challenges currently facing both the government and private sectors as they fight cybersecurity breaches, privacy issues, and electorate concerns about the integrity of American elections.

The panel raised concrete things the Trump Administration, other governments, political groups and private sector interests can do to protect the nation, highlighting the need to balance national security concerns with civil liberties concerns within a democracy.  One of the issues raised included whether or not technology is a threat to democracy. With democratic nations amassing enormous cyber-surveillance powers, it becomes increasingly difficult for democratic nations and societies to balance both transparency and security in the new digital age.

“There’s no doubt that cyber-meddling by foreign actors is now at the forefront of the discussion around technology, cybersecurity and democracy,” said Jake Braun who has advised both public and private sector interested on cyber assessments and network security matters. “But where it was elections in November, it can be our energy grid or water resources in the future. Bottom line: When an outsider can cause this much damage, it’s not just on our government to foster solutions, it’s on the private sector to get involved too.”

The full event is available for viewing online at: