IN-THE-NEWS: CGA Supports DEFCON on Issuing Report on Voting-Village/Election Security

Cambridge Global Advisors (CGA) was pleased to partner with DEFCON and the Atlantic Council to issue a new report on the findings of DEFCON's first-ever Voting Machine Hacking Village.  Held at the DEFCON in Vegas back in July, the Voting Village allowed thousands of participants to "hack" several pieces of election equipment still in use in U.S. elections today.  On the heels of news regarding Russian attempts to infiltrate and influence our elections in 2016, this Village and timely report adds to the growing understanding of the vulnerabilities facing our democracy today.  

Cambridge CEO Jake Braun helped to bring the Village to DEFCON this year, as well as helped to author the report and moderate the report launch event on October 10, 2017 in DC.  CGA Partner and former U.S. Ambassador to NATO, Doug Lute, also participated in the event as a panelist discussing the national security implications of foreign hacking attempts aimed at U.S. elections and our democracy.

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