CGA's footprint is truly global, with experience that spans more than 90 countries.  On matters of security, defense, trade, cyber, intelligence and information sharing, CGA and its team have worked with international government and institutions, private companies, and dozens of international NGOs. 

Our team has experience working at the most senior levels of government and the private sector in key nations such as the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Australia, Republic of Korea, Germany, and Saudi Arabia.  Additionally, our team has decades of experience in dozens of other countries, including all the EU member states, Indonesia, Egypt, Israel, Somalia, the Sudan, Tunisia, and many more.  We have also worked with leading international organizations such as Europol, NATO, and the United Nations.


  • Program development and evaluation
  • Project management and advisory services
  • Strategic campaign development
  • U.S. government advocacy campaigns
  • Cybersecurity consulting
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Foreign media and public relations
  • International event planning