About CGC

Cambridge Global Capital (CGC) is a private investment firm focused in the following areas: early stage venture capital opportunities in life sciences, homeland and national security, cybersecurity and data analysis, sustainable energy opportunities, and leverage buyout opportunities in smaller companies in the defense sector. CGC brings a wealth of experience and expertise from investment, government, finance and banking to three critical areas of success: deal flow, exceptional due diligence, and deep technical expertise and understanding of the confluence of investment, business growth, and government.



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  • Dr. Peter Varnish, Esq., OBE


We believe the world is in the beginning of three unprecedented paradigm shifts: energy, demographics (healthcare), and data. In our venture arm, we look for early stage disruptive technologies that will change the world for the better, and fulfill our fiduciary commitment to our clients and our families by providing exceptional returns. Our first two investments, HealthTell and Spikes, we believe, will achieve both. HealthTell’s technology will dramatically change how cancer is diagnosed and treated. Spikes will make the World Wide Web safer for our children and families, our businesses, and our government.

Our investment approach is simple: we source highly unusual opportunities—many with deep connections to the U.S. Government national security community, conduct due diligence at the technical and IP level far in excess of others, and require valuations that are both justifiable to our investors and sustainable for future financings.


homeland security


HealthTell based in San Ramon, CA is an early stage Life Sciences company that utilizes an Immunosignature™ Technology for accurate and timely detection and monitoring of more than 30 progressive diseases. Based on robust, proprietary technology, the company is developing the first and only diagnostic platform capable of assessing an individual’s immune system response to specific diseases.

Over ten years of scientific effort has demonstrated the power of the HealthTell Immunosignature technology across over 30 conditions, ranging from various cancers, infectious, auto and non-autoimmune diseases. Our goal is to provide the medical industry with a tool that will change the face of diagnostics; a simple, affordable, accurate diagnostic test.

This disruptive technology enables physicians to detect the presence or absence of a disease in its earliest stage, improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare expenditures. Applicable to a broad range of therapeutic areas, HealthTell is empowering physicians and patients to proactively manage one’s health and make more informed decisions.

Over 170 million people, in the US alone, are affected by neurological, autoimmune, oncologic, metabolic and infectious diseases. These diseases create significant economic burdens totaling over a trillion dollars. HealthTell will enable early detection of diseases, when behavioral and therapeutic interventions are most effective. This will result in saving millions of lives, while reducing healthcare economics.

Spikes Security


Spikes Security based in Los Gatos, CA was founded by Branden Spikes in 2012. Spikes is a venture-backed Silicon Valley start-up founded in 2012. The company is focused on delivering secure, scalable, high performance software solutions that empower businesses with the freedom to safely leverage the web without fear of cyber attacks. It’s initial offering is AirGap™, a powerful browser security solution that prevents all browser-borne malware from entering corporate networks and infecting endpoints.

Branden founded Spikes Security in 2012 with a mission to stop rampant cybercrime and solve the most pressing engineering challenge of our time, information security. Prior to starting the company, Branden spent 20 years designing and building high performance, highly secure IT systems as Chief Information Officer to some of the most successful start-ups in America. He served as the technology right hand of Elon Musk for over 15 years at Zip2, PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX where he helped pioneer, architect, and build some extraordinary technology. Having been mentored by one of the world’s top entrepreneurs, Spikes brings experience, perspective, and a unique skill set to his role as CEO at Spikes Security.

toma biosciences


Toma Biosciences based in Foster City, CA develops and provides DNA-based cancer testing technology. Every cancer patient’s tumor has unique genomic errors. Recent efforts by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) have revealed how important these genomic differences are in treating cancer. TOMA’s mission is to provide physicians with accurate information about the errors present in a patient’s tumor. Until now, physicians and their patients have relied on an anatomical approach to diagnose and treat cancer. Now TOMA offers the AmplinomeTM Test, a digitial molecular test that identifies genomic errors in a patient’s tumor and provides information that can help guide treatment and enable physicians to uncover new treatment options. TOMA is the first company to offer a test of this kind.



Twist Bioscience based in San Francisco, CA develops synthetic DNA production for specialty chemical compounds and drug development.

The company has developed a proprietary semiconductor-based synthetic DNA manufacturing process featuring a 10,000-well silicon platform capable of producing synthetic biology tools, such as oligonucleotides, genes, pathways, chassis and genomes. By synthesizing DNA on silicon instead of on traditional 96-well plastic plates, our platform overcomes the current inefficiencies of synthetic DNA production, and enables cost-effective, rapid, high-quality and high throughput synthetic gene production. The Twist Bioscience platform has the potential to greatly accelerate the development of personalized medicine, sustainable chemical production, improved agriculture production as well as new applications such as in vivo diagnostics, biodetection and data storage.


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Link Labs is a leading innovator in low­ power, wide-­area network technologies that power the Internet of Things (IoT). The company was founded in 2014 by a group of veteran engineers from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, who had worked together on a variety of projects for the U.S. Department of Defense, telecommunications industry, and Intelligence Community.

Link Labs patented Symphony Link technology provides secure connectivity for IoT devices. Link Labs excels in taking a concept from initial hardware design all the way through the delivery of a commercial product and have done so for dozens of enterprises around the world. Symphony Link powers a range of IoT applications across many industries, including smart cities, agriculture, building controls, automotive, healthcare, government, defense, retail, and utilities.